Interesting Physics - Photographs

Photogallery of experiments

The photogalleries below show some fancy physical experiments that have been done within the Interesting Physics project. You will find here photographs of different phases of a drop falling into a cup of coffee, turbulences in air visualized using smoke, photos of vortex rings in air and water, pictures of huge soap bubbles as well as colourful thin soap films, photos of sparks, a report from cooking a sausage with a solar cooker etc. Some of these phenomena have a relatively simple physical explanation (e.g. colours of bubbles) while others are extremely difficult to understand and describe (such as turbulence or a drop fall). In any case one can see that physics can be very beautiful and interesting.

Sparks and discharges

Fall of a drop
Creation of drops
Waves on an oscillating liquid

Magnetic lines of force
Van de Graaff generator

Older experiments:
Huge soap bubbles
Interference on a soap film
Soap film oscillations
Fragrant stick smoke
Drop falls into a cup of coffee
Waves on water surface
Vortex rings in water
Vortex rings in air
Chladni patterns
Cooking with solar energy